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Career Opportunity

Principal Administrative Analyst - Multiple Positions - SFO (1824) - (141922)

Recruitment: RTF0141170-01130349

Published: December 01, 2023


Nina Huey -

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Department: San Francisco International Airport
Job class: 1824-Principal Administrative Analyst
Salary range: $134,212.00 - $163,150.00
Role type: Permanent Civil Service What does this mean?
Hours: Full-time
Exam type: Position Based Test
Rule: Rule of 10 What does this mean?
List type: Combined Promotive and Entrance


Announcement amended due to change in certification rule to Rule of 10.

This is a Position-Based Test conducted in accordance with CSC Rule 111A

  • Application Opening: November 20, 2023
  • Application Deadline: Interested applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as this announcement may close at any time after 5:00 pm on December 1, 2023. 
  • Compensation: $131,248 - $159,562
  • Recruitment ID: PBT-1824-141922 (RTF0141170-01130349)

San Francisco International Airport (SFO), an enterprise department of the City & County of San Francisco (CCSF), has approximately 1,700 CCSF employees and strives to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive employer.

SFO’s mission is delivering an airport experience where people and our planet come first and our core values are Safety and Security, Teamwork, Excellence, Care and Equity. Learn more about careers at SFO.

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We are hiring Principal Administrative Analysts across multiple divisions within the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Are you an analytical, dynamic, hands-on, resourceful self-starter? Are you able to analyze data; possess excellent written, verbal, interpersonal and communication skills? Our desired candidate is someone who can foster an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership across divisions; establish and maintain external partnerships; is able to direct analytical staff; can demonstrate the ability to analyze complex and sensitive information; and propose recommendations on a variety of special projects. If this describes you, consider joining the San Francisco International Airport team and contribute to our mission “to provide an exceptional Airport in service to our communities”. 

In this essential role, you will plan, organize, supervise, and conduct important, difficult, and sensitive analytical work that has a substantive impact on the operations at the Airport in a variety of functional areas, such as Finance, Social Responsibility, Safety, Security & Airside Services, and Contracts. You will work on development and administration of competitive bid processes and contractual agreements; grant administration and monitoring; budget development and administration; legislative analysis; development and evaluation of management/administrative policy; program evaluation and planning; people analytics data, or complex financial/fiscal analysis and reporting. 

Role description

The essential duties and responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Directs, oversees and conducts difficult, sensitive, highly visible and complex qualitative and quantitative analytical work that has significant impact on the functions, workforce and operations at the Airport; confers with departmental management staff to discuss, evaluate and make recommendations on special projects and/or a variety of complex, sensitive or highly visible administrative, organizational, policy, budget, fiscal, and other issues related to important functions of the assigned division.
  • Directs analytical staff and/or researches, analyzes complex issues in a number of areas related to operations, policies, and procedures; prepares written findings and reports, makes recommendations and formulates policies and procedures and makes policy recommendations on a variety of difficult, complex special projects and highly visible budget, fiscal, policy, program, organizational and related issues; collaborates with senior managers and other individuals/experts to clarify needs, issues and parameters; directs and/or conducts the development and execution of complex and comprehensive surveys, studies and other processes to analyze data and information from multiple sources; directs and/or conducts research and evaluation of complex data/information from internet, databases and other sources, consultation with subject matter experts, development of complex evaluative processes, creation of spreadsheets, documentation of findings, analysis of alternatives and formulation of recommendations; directs and/or conducts difficult and complex analyses; prepares and/or directs the preparation of clear, comprehensive management reports, including logical and coherent financial/policy recommendations and appropriate supporting documentation; presents reports, findings and recommendations to senior management staff, including formal presentations to groups.
  • Analyzes and evaluates the effect of highly complex and sensitive existing, newly enacted and proposed legislation, regulations, law, court decisions and/or memoranda of understanding for policy and financial impact on the department; advises management, and directs/prepares and presents formal reports with recommendations on how to comply with existing and proposed legislation, regulations, law, court decisions and/or memoranda of understanding, mitigate adverse action against the department or maximize potential revenues; develops and recommends procedures for Citywide implementation of enacted legislation, regulations, law, court decisions and/or memoranda of understanding; develops comprehensive user manuals to implement legislation, programs and administrative policy; may act as legislative liaison to other departments; assists state and federal legislative staff in drafting legislation; advocates and testifies regarding department's position to legislators, committee and staff.
  • Consults with senior managers and others to define difficult and complex administrative, management, program and organizational issues, policies and procedures that have significant impact on the organization; directs and/or conducts detailed and comprehensive studies, surveys and other evaluative processes to analyze existing and proposed administrative, management, program and organizational needs, systems, functions, policies and procedures; identifies and analyzes important issues, processes, patterns and trends, makes related projections, documents findings, and develops recommendations; prepares and/or directs the preparation of reports for senior management outlining findings; presents reports to senior management, including recommendations for development of policy; coordinates implementation and evaluation of new systems, policies and procedures.
  • Directs and/or conducts difficult, complex and comprehensive analyses to evaluate existing and proposed programs; collaborates with senior management, outside experts and others to clarify overall mission, goals, problems and issues; develops and analyzes performance outcome measures to evaluate new programs and related policies; develops and recommends policies, procedures and work processes for new programs; prepares and/or directs the preparation of reports for senior management outlining findings and presenting recommendations; coordinates implementation and ongoing evaluation of new programs.
  • Directs and/or conducts difficult and complex financial, fiscal and/or economic analyses to evaluate the overall fiscal/financial condition of a department/program and provide information/data for financial reporting, projection and planning; directs and/or conducts difficult and complex economic and/or financial analyses, including forecasting, revenue and/or expense projections, rate analysis, statistical analysis, modeling and cost/benefit analysis; evaluates current financial procedures, interprets governmental accounting pronouncements and technical guidance, makes recommendations, and develops and implements new policies and procedures; prepares and/or directs the preparation of financial statements and reports, with policy recommendations and appropriate documentation, for management, Mayor's Office, Board of Supervisors, Controllers Office and various funding agencies; directs and/or conducts difficult and complex analyses for calculation of debt capacity and evaluation of financing alternatives; directs and/or conducts difficult and complex analyses related to determination of capital requirements and capital planning; may coordinate and oversee the annual financial audit, including preparation of audit schedules, governmental accounting standards, and relevant local, state and federal regulations.
  • Directs and/or conducts difficult and complex analyses to advise management in budget development, administration, monitoring and reporting; directs and/or conducts difficult and complex revenue/expense, trend and statistical analyses for budget monitoring, projection and reporting; develops guidelines and prepares or directs the preparation of budget line-item narratives, analyses, recommendations and justifications for annual, supplemental and multi-year requests; develops, coordinates, administers and monitors a highly complex departmental budget with multiple funding sources; negotiates budget proposals within the department and with the Mayor's Office, Board of Supervisors and other agencies; prepares and/or directs the preparation of financial and statistical reports for the Mayor's Office, Board of Supervisors and/or senior department managers; prepares and/or directs the preparation of background information and documentation in preparation for producing reports and/or presentations.
  • Establishes, administers, monitors, coordinates and acts as liaison regarding application for and management of complex, multiple-source capital projects and/or grants; directs and/or conducts monitoring for compliance with funding, legal, service and other requirements; directs and/or conducts monitoring of detailed and complex grant budgets, ensures expenditures remain within the budget, shifts funds within guidelines; prepares and/or directs preparation of status/financial/statistical reports for management, Mayor's Office, Board of Supervisors, Controller's Office and other agencies; directs and/or conducts analysis and preparation of departmental reports to funding agencies, including subvention of funds to contracting organizations; ensures provision of technical assistance and oversight to recipients of grants awarded by the department/agency; may coordinate preparation of City-wide single audit report.
  • Directs and/or conducts difficult and complex analyses for developing, processing and administering highly-complex contractual agreements with multiple funding sources; confers with senior management regarding preparation of cost estimates, specifications and terms for new and existing contractual agreements; directs and/or conducts competitive solicitation, review and selection processes, including receipt and review of bids, negotiation with potential contractors/vendors, and review/processing of approvals; directs and/or conducts negotiations with contractors with regard to additional contract terms, cost reimbursement and change order provisions; directs and/or conducts review and preparation of cost estimates and terms for proposed change orders and modifications; directs and/or reviews new and/or existing contract provisions, conducts site visits, and meets with engineers, inspectors and/or program managers; coordinates with staff from other departments and agencies, and provides technical assistance to staff and contractors on departmental contracting policies, procedures and requirements;
  • Conducts comprehensive analyses for Airport safety policies and procedures; identifies and analyzes issues, patterns and trends; and makes related projections; documents findings and makes recommendations with supporting documentation.
  • Analyzes, evaluates, interprets, and implements the integration of software data to support risk management workflow, hazard reporting and safety assurance activity.
  • Performs related duties as required.

How to qualify

Education:  Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, and

Experience:  Five (5) years full-time equivalent experience performing professional-level analytical work. Qualifying professional-level analytical work includes analysis, development, administration, and reporting in major programs and functions of an organization in the areas of budgets, contracts, grants, policy, or other functional areas related to the duties of positions in the 182X Class series.

Possession of a graduate degree (Master's degree or higher) from an accredited college or university with major coursework in specialized subject matter areas such as public or business administration, management, business law, contract law, public policy, urban studies, economics, statistical analysis, finance, accounting or other fields of study closely related to the essential functions of positions in the Class series may be substituted for one (1) year of required experience.

Additional experience as described above may be substituted for the required degree on a year-for-year basis (up to a maximum of 2 years). Thirty (30) semester units or forty-five (45) quarter units equal one year.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Clearance
Candidates for employment with the San Francisco Airport Commission are required to undergo a criminal history record check, including FBI fingerprints, and Security Threat Assessment in order to determine eligibility for security clearance and may be required to undergo drug/alcohol screening.  Per Civil Service Commission Rule Section 110.9.1, every applicant for an examination must possess and maintain the qualifications required by law and by the examination announcement for the examination.  Failure to obtain and maintain security clearance may be the basis for termination from employment with the Airport Commission.

Verification: Applicants may be required to submit verification of qualifying education and experience at any point during the recruitment and selection process. If education verification is required, information on how to verify education requirements, including verifying foreign education credits or degree equivalency, can be found at

Note: Falsifying one’s education, training, or work experience or attempted deception on the application may result in disqualification for this and future job opportunities with the City and County of San Francisco.

All work experience, education, training, and other information substantiating how you meet the minimum qualifications must be included on your application by the filing deadline. Information submitted after the filing deadline will not be considered in determining whether you meet the minimum qualifications.

Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a completed City and County of San Francisco application

Applications completed improperly may be cause for ineligibility, disqualification or may lead to lower scores.

After application submission, candidates deemed qualified must complete all subsequent steps to advance in this selection process, which includes the following:

Minimum Qualification Supplemental Questionnaire (MQSQ): Candidates will be required to complete an MQSQ that will be emailed as part of the online employment application. This MQSQ is designed to obtain specific information regarding an applicant's experience in relation to the Minimum Qualifications (MQ) for this position. The MQSQ will be used to evaluate if the applicant possesses the required minimum qualifications.

Note: Only those applicants meeting the Minimum Qualifications will be notified of the exact date, time, and place to report to the Written Core Exam.

Written Core Examination (Weight: 100%)
Candidates will be invited to participate in a written, multiple-choice examination, designed to measure their relative knowledge, skills and abilities in job-related areas. The “core” multiple-choice examination component may include but not be limited to:

  • Ability to evaluate/analyze information/data and to exercise good judgment relative to that evaluation or analysis
  • Knowledge of, and ability to apply, financial/fiscal principles (including the ability to use mathematical and statistical formulas)
  • Ability to use various computer software programs.

A passing score must be achieved on the Written Multiple-Choice Examination in order to continue in the selection process.

The above test components are considered standardized and, therefore, test questions and answers are not available for public inspection or review.

The score you achieve on this examination will be valid and 'banked' for three years, starting from the date of the examination. This means that, during this three-year time period, you will not be required to take any test components for which you have already attained a score. Your score on the Core Exam is not valid for any other classifications in the Admin Analyst Series. You cannot apply a score from the Core exam used for 1820, 1822, or 1823, as it is a different test.

Qualified applicants must achieve a passing score in order to be ranked on the eligible list/score report. Successful applicants will be placed on the eligible list/score report, in rank order, according to their final score.

Note: A passing score on the Written Core Examination must be achieved in order to be placed/ranked on the Eligible List. Candidates will be placed on the eligible list in rank order according to their final score. The department may utilize additional selection procedures to make a final hiring decision. Candidate scores on this examination may also be applied to other announcements involving other job titles when directed by the Human Resources Director.

What else should I know?

Eligible List/Score Report: A confidential eligible list of applicant names that have passed the civil service examination process will be created and used for certification purposes only. An examination score report will be established, so applicants can view the ranks, final scores, and the number of eligible candidates. Applicant information, including names of applicants on the eligible list, shall not be made public unless required by law. However, an eligible list shall be made available for public inspection, upon request, once the eligible list is exhausted or expired and referrals resolved. The eligible list/score report resulting from this civil service examination process is subject to change after adoption (e.g., as a result of appeals), as directed by the Human Resources Director or the Civil Service Commission.

Note: The duration of the eligible list resulting from this examination process will be six (6) months and may be extended with the approval of the Human Resources Director.  Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed to advance through all of the steps in the selection process.

To find Departments which use this classification, please see

Terms of Announcement and Appeal Rights:
Applicants must be guided solely by the provisions of this announcement, including requirements, time periods, and other particulars, except when superseded by federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations. Clerical errors may be corrected by posting the correction on the Department of Human Resources website at 

The terms of this announcement may be appealed under Civil Service Rule 111A.35.1. The standard for the review of such appeals is ‘abuse of discretion’ or ‘no rational basis’ for establishing the position description, the minimum qualifications and/or the certification rule. Appeals must include a written statement of the item(s) being contested and the specific reason(s) why the cited item(s) constitute(s) abuse of discretion by the Human Resources Director. Appeals must be submitted directly to the Executive Officer of the Civil Service Commission within five business days of the announcement issuance date.

Additional Information Regarding Employment with the City and County of San Francisco:

HOW TO APPLY: Applications for City and County of San Francisco jobs are only accepted through an online process. Visit and begin the application process.

  • Select the “I’m Interested” button and follow instructions on the screen

Applicants may be contacted by email about this recruitment and, therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure that their registered email address is accurate and kept up-to-date. Also, applicants must ensure that email from CCSF is not blocked on their computer by a spam filter. To prevent blocking, applicants should set up their email to accept CCSF mail from the following addresses (,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Applicants will receive a confirmation email that their online application has been received in response to every announcement for which they file. Applicants should retain this confirmation email for their records. Failure to receive this email means that the online application was not submitted or received.

Exam Analyst Information: If you have any questions, please contact the exam analyst, Nina Huey by email at 

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

The City and County of San Francisco encourages women, minorities and persons with disabilities to apply. Applicants will be considered regardless of their sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition (associated with cancer, a history of cancer, or genetic characteristics), HIV/AIDS status, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, military and veteran status, or other protected category under the law.