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San Francisco's City departments and agencies impact the lives of the City's nearly million residents and commuters. City team members have the ability to touch lives and enrich communities in one of the most diverse places in the country.

San Francisco DPW Workers




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Brand new Recreation & Park Commission | REF2498G | Temporary Exempt

3278-Recreation Facility Assistant

Brand new City Attorney | RTF0140045-01003094 | Permanent Exempt

8152-Senior Claims Investigator, City Attorney's Office

Brand new Emergency Management | RTF0139980-01106152 | Temporary Provisional Permanent Civil Service

1094-IT Operations Support Administrator IV

Brand new Police | RTF0138594-01151801 | Permanent Exempt

1054-IS Business Analyst-Principal

Brand new Public Utilities Commission | RTF0139530-01093047 | Temporary Provisional Permanent Civil Service

1942-Assistant Materials Coordinator

Brand new Apply by: August 04, 2023 Public Utilities Commission | REF82P | Temporary Exempt

7350-Transmission and Distribution Line Worker

Brand new Public Health | REF3503J | Temporary Exempt

P103-Special Nurse

Brand new Public Works | RTF0139675-01083724 | Temporary Exempt

7502-Asphalt Worker

Brand new City Administrator | RTF0140090-01125073 | Permanent Exempt

1823-Senior Administrative Analyst

Brand new Public Utilities Commission | RTF0137787-01114120 | Permanent Civil Service

0933-Manager V

Brand new Public Works | RTF0139902-01116097 | Temporary Exempt

7227-Cement Finisher Supervisor I

Brand new Public Health | RTF0135334-01153131 | Temporary Exempt

1312-Public Information Officer

Brand new Public Works | RTF0139255-01152280 | Temporary Provisional Permanent Civil Service

6130-Safety Analyst

Brand new Economic & Workforce Development | RTF0139311-01113241 | Permanent Exempt

1840-Junior Management Assistant

Brand new Human Services Agency | RTF0139947-01109593 | Temporary Provisional Permanent Civil Service