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Requesting an accommodation

To ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity throughout the hiring process, the City of San Francisco offers reasonable accommodations to applicants in need.

Accommodations may include

But are not limited to

Read aloud

Have assessment questions read aloud.

Paper exam

Take a computer-based-assessment on paper in a secure facility.

Interpreters and translations

Request to take the assessment in a language that you are comfortable with.

Request process

Each request is considered individually to ensure that accommodations provide the most equitable assessment experience possible. The steps outlined below are a guide for requesting an accommodation, however each recruitment and applicant is unique:

  1. Make note of recruitment and contact information

  2. An important identifier is the recruitment ID. This is located at the top of each advertisement and begins with either "REF" or "RTF". Make note of this Id, it will be useful throughout the process.

    Each job advertisement will include contact information for the analyst that is leading the hiring process. Make note of their name and email address at the top of the page.

    If you are having trouble finding the analyst's contact us. Provide the Employment Information Center with the REF id from the advertisement; they will be able to provide you with the analyst's contact information.

  3. Reach out to the job's contact

  4. Reach out to the contact found on the job advertisement, and be sure to identify what accommodations you are seeking. The analyst will work with you to identify what is possible and to make arrangements as necessary.

  5. Make note of recruitment and contact information

  6. You may be required to complete a form to officially request your accommodation, in certain circumstances. Any information that you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence and is not subject to release. If a form is necessary, the analyst will let you know.

Important resources

Filing a complaint

If you were not granted an accommodation that you need, or you believe that you were discriminated against in the hiring process; you have the right to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity division of the Department of Human Resources.

File a complaint Article

Contact information
Equal Employment Opportunity Division
Department of Human Resources