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Interests and career pathways

Find your fit and plot your own path

The City of San Francisco has a job for every interest and ability! Explore the pathways below to find out how to develop your own career!

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Careers in civic technology

San Francisco's 35,000 person workforce relies on technology in a rapidly evolving way! Whether we are migrating to the latest cloud applications, expanding the City's own wide-area-networks, supporting aviation security, or helping water and power get from the Sierra Nevadas to the City's residents, technology is a pilar of how we do business.

Analysis careers

City analysts impact San Francisco's diverse communities and residents by using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to fund, design, implement, and evaluate innovative policies and programs in areas from transportation access to public health campaigns.

Public safety

Members of the City's Public Safety Departments are on the front lines

Entry pathways

Access to City employment

The ACE Program is meant to help those with disabilities gain purposeful and permanent employment with the City. Opportunities in the ACE program are available in nearly every job family as a way to help those that may struggle to navigate the City's hiring process make a career.

SF Fellows

Recent college graduates with an interest in supporting communities through government make up our annual cohorts of fellows.

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