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Access to city employment (ACE)

Building a connected and accessible San Francisco relies on dedicated technologists with a wide array of skills and expertise. Joining our technology corps will allow you to put your passion to work supporting communities, public safety, and more.

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About ACE

The ACE program provides and alternate route for individuals with qualifying disabilities to apply for entry careers with the City. The program's goal is to place individuals into full-time jobs in the City with a pathway to Permanent Civil Service (PCS) status. Program participants can then build their skills into a long-term and purpose-driven career.

How the program works

The ACE program is authorized and in support of Civil Service rule 115. City departments and agencies may elect to designate an open position as a "Rule 115" position, opening a path for attaining PCS status. When applications meet the ACE program requirements they are provided to City departments for consideration. Throughout the process you may be contacted by members of the ACE team, or by individuals from a department with an open position.

How to qualify

  1. All roles in the ACE program are considered to be "entry-level".
  2. Applicants must have a valid "Certificate of Disability" from either the State of California Department of Rehabilitation or the US Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA).
  3. Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications in the job advertisement.

Application process

  1. Identify the job class or role that you are interested in, and where you meet the qualifications.
  2. Complete a job application for each role that you are interested in and qualified for. Be sure to complete all of the application sections including experience, education, and supplemental questions.
  3. Important: Include your required Certificate of Disability in the attachments section on the second page of the job application.
  4. A member of the ACE team will review your application. You will receive an email with updates on your status and any next steps.
If you need to provide further information, please reach out to the analyst that is listed at the top of the job advertisement.

Get in touch

If you have more questions about the ACE program, please reach out to:

Current ACE applications