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The City has a wide range of job opportunities that may be just the right career for you!

When you join a talent community, you will receive just-in-time information about our City careers, tailored to your interests, as well as tips on preparing to submit your application.


Find your community

I want to work for the City

Anyone interested in serving their City! The general talent community is open to anyone interested in any type of role, learn about exciting openings, our benefits, and why we choose purpose.

Work @ SFO

San Francisco's world class international airport is always looking for new faces! Find out about jobs at the Airport!

Transitioning to public service

A special community for those interested in bridging their private sector careers into a purpose driven role in public service.

Human services

Interested in supporting the most vulnerable in our City, generating equity, and building bridges? Find out about roles with the Human Service Agency!


What to expect as a talent community member

Each of our talent communities is backed by a team of real people that are working to make sure that you are as prepared as possible to join team San Francisco! When you join a talent community, expect to receive a curated email story with helpful information about joining the City.

When you join the talent community, your information will also be added to a database that our recruitment teams can use to reach out when an opportunity that matches your interests is available.