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Career Opportunity

School Crossing Guard - Streets Division - SF Municipal Transportation Agency (8201)

Recruitment: RTF0119596-01150508

Published: March 14, 2024


Wilson Hoang -

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Department: Municipal Transportation Agency
Job class: 8201-School Crossing Guard
Pay range: $25.2/hr - $25.2/hr
Role type: Temporary Exempt What does this mean?
Hours: Part-time


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is a department of the City and County of San Francisco responsible for the management of all ground transportation in the City. The SFMTA has oversight over the Municipal Railway (Muni) public transit, as well as bicycling, paratransit, parking, traffic, walking, and taxis.

Role description

APPOINTMENT TYPE: Temporary Exempt Category 16: This position is excluded by the Charter from the competitive Civil Service examination process and shall serve at the discretion of the Appointing Officer.

Part-Time School Term Only: The 8201 School Crossing Guard must be available to work a morning shift and an afternoon shift, approximately one and a quarter hours (1 ¼) per shift, for a total of about two and a half (2½) hours per day, which is an average of 12.5 hours per week. Shifts are between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., five days a week. Shift time and length will vary depending on assigned school. School Crossing Guards' assigned work locations and work hours may be changed to meet program needs.

Application Opening: February 28, 2022

Deadline to Apply: Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately as this recruitment may close at any time.

Salary: $25.20 Per Hour

Note: Please attach a copy of your driver's license or learner's permit if possible.


Under general supervision of the SFMTA School Crossing Guard Program staff, the School Crossing Guard assists elementary and middle school students, children, youth and other pedestrians in crossing various streets and boulevards before school and after school.

Examples of Important and Essential Duties:

  • Guides students and other pedestrians at intersections and holds them from crossing until it is determined to be safe.
  • Holds traffic at designated intersections either by mechanical or hand signal in order to permit students, children, youth and other pedestrians to cross the street safely.
  • When appropriate, escorts students through intersections; may instruct students, children, youth, parents, teachers, faculty, bicyclists, motorists and staff in the elements of safety.
  • Observes and reports traffic issues and unusual incidents relating to pedestrian safety and student welfare to the authorities for appropriate action.
  • Reports to school principal and/or School Crossing Guard staff, students disobeying instructions.
  • Communicates with students, children, youth, pedestrians, teachers, bicyclists, motorists, and the general public.
  • Remains alert of the surroundings and vehicles.
  • Takes quick action to physically avoid traffic hazards for both crossing pedestrians and themselves.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Nature of Work:

Requires being in good physical condition including sight, hearing, and the ability to maneuver nimbly; continuous and unassisted standing and walking for extended periods of time, throughout shift, in all weather conditions; stepping up and down curbs; lifting and carrying handheld stop sign with wind pressure; wearing specialized uniform and weather gear; communicating in a clear manner; being timely, dependable and professional in carrying out assignments; continuous face-to-face contact and communication with students, children, youth, parents, faculty, bicyclists, motorists, staff, other pedestrians and the general public.

How to qualify

Minimum Qualifications:

Any combination of training and experience that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities indicated below may be qualifying:

Knowledge of: traffic laws especially those relating to pedestrian right-of-way and speed limits in various districts especially in a school-crossing area; and elements of traffic safety applying to motorists and pedestrians.

Ability to: establish and maintain respect and compliance of students.

Desirable Qualifications: 

  • Resident in the vicinity of the school for which there is a vacancy.
  • Work experience that demonstrates dependability and safety.
  • Experience working with students, children, youth, the general public or in customer service.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Keen observation skills.

Notes: Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications by the final filing date unless otherwise noted.

What else should I know?

Applicants may be required to submit verification of qualifying education and experience at any point during the recruitment and selection process. More information can be found at: Falsifying one’s education, training, or work experience or attempted deception on the application may result in disqualification for this and future job opportunities with the City and County of San Francisco.

Examples of verification for an 8201 School Crossing Guard (SFMTA) position include at least one of the following:

  • A copy of a valid Driver License or Permit; or
  • An original K4 Department of Motor Vehicles printout of the driving record, which shows the applicant's driving history including possession of a valid Driver License; or
  • Written verification (proof) of qualifying work experience (as described below).

Selection Process:
Applications will be screened for relevant qualifying experience. Additional screening mechanisms may be used to determine candidates' qualifications.  Only those applicants who most closely meet the needs of the Agency will be invited to move forward in the selection process.

For questions or inquiries, please contact: Wilson Hoang, Human Resources Analyst at  

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

The City and County of San Francisco encourages women, minorities and persons with disabilities to apply. Applicants will be considered regardless of their sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition (associated with cancer, a history of cancer, or genetic characteristics), HIV/AIDS status, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, military and veteran status, or other protected category under the law.