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2917-Program Support Analyst

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Program Support Analyst

Job classification

TitleProgram Support Analyst
Overtime eligibility Exempt (Z) - No Paid Overtime
Labor agreement SEIU, Local 1021, Misc
Effective dateAugust 04, 2023

Current compensation plan

Effective: Jan 06, 2024

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Step: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Rate /hr: $57.2750 $60.1500 $63.1500 $66.3125 $69.6375
Rate /biweekly: $4,582.00 $4,812.00 $5,052.00 $5,305.00 $5,571.00
Rate /year: $119,132 $125,112 $131,352 $137,930 $144,846

Job description




JOB CODE: 2917


Under general direction, performs a variety of highly complex and responsible professional administrative duties in the planning and coordinating of the activities and programs of the assigned program; coordinates assigned functions and activities among department divisions; and provides highly responsible administrative staff assistance to the assigned executive staff.


The 2917 Program Support Analyst is a full journey level analyst job code that performs the full range of duties as assigned. This 2917 Program Support Analyst is distinguished from the 1842 Management Assistant in that the 2917 job code performs highly complex administrative duties and is responsible for specific program knowledge. The 2917 Program Support Analyst is distinguished from the 2948 Human Services Section Manager in that the 2917 class is responsible for highly responsible staff assistance and supervision of administrative activities in the assigned program, while the 2948 has line responsibility for multiple units performing social work, employment service or income maintenance duties.


May supervise professional, technical and/or clerical employees depending on specific program assignment.


According to Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the duties specified below are representative of the range of duties assigned to this job code/class and are not intended to be an inclusive list.

1. Provides highly responsible administrative staff assistance including the conducting of specific, comprehensive analyses of a wide range of policies involving organization, procedures, finance and services.

2. Supervises and participates in the administrative activities of the assigned department; evaluates the need for and develops procedures, methods and schedules; approves the purchase of supplies, equipment, process payments and other accounts payable requests.

3. Provides technical and administrative assistance to the assigned management staff; develops, prepares and presents reports, surveys and other administrative activities.

4. Participates in a variety of complex and detailed programmatic responsibilities involving problem solving.

5. Acts as representative of the assigned division for internal and outside meetings, committees and commissions; prepares presentations; may act as program spokesperson to the local media.

6. May directly supervise functions as assigned.

7. Recommends goals and objectives; assists in the development of and implements policies and procedures.

8. Directs, oversees and participates in the development of the assigned work plan, work activities, projects and programs; monitors work flow; reviews and evaluates work products, methods and procedures.

9. May participate in recruitment and selection of staff, develops selection tools serves on interview panels and recommends appointment of personnel; provides or coordinates staff training; works with employees to correct deficiencies; implements discipline procedures; recommends employee terminations.

10. May prepare the assigned program�s budget; monitors and approves budgetary transactions on an ongoing basis; forecast additional funds needed for staffing, equipment, mate-rials and supplies; administers the approved budget.

11. Conducts surveys and performs research and statistical analyses as requested; prepares related reports.

12. Responds to and resolves difficult and sensitive citizen inquiries and complaints.


Knowledge of: Modern and complex principles and practices of social services program development and administration; organizational and management practices as applied to the analysis and evaluation of social services programs, policies and operational needs; principles and practices of budget preparation and administration; principles and practices of organization, administration and personnel management; principles of supervision, training and performance evaluation is necessary for some positions; modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment; research methods and sources of information related to a broad range of social services programs, services and administration; pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations.

Ability or Skill to: Effectively administer a variety of administrative and budgetary activities; select, supervise, train and evaluate assigned staff (some positions); effectively administer assigned programmatic responsibilities; learn the operation, policy and procedures of the department; analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations in support of goals; interpret and apply policies, procedures, laws and regulations; perform a wide variety of administrative duties with little or minimal supervision; effectively and fairly negotiate appropriate solutions; gain cooperation through discussion and persuasion; prepare and administer a budget; plan and evaluate services to the elderly and disabled; evaluate and develop improvements in operations, procedures, policies, or methods; prepare clear and concise reports and develop appropriate recommendations; interpret and apply pertinent federal, state, and local laws codes and regulations including Equal Employment, Affirmative Action, and Civil Rights laws, procedures and regulations; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


These minimum qualifications establish the education, training, experience, special skills and/or license(s) which are required for employment in the classification. Please note, additional qualifications (i.e., special conditions) may apply to a particular position and will be stated on the exam/job announcement.


A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.


Administration Specialty

Three (3) years of professional experience in a general administrative capacity of which two (2) years (4000 hours) are in the field of human services. This experience includes responsibility for functions such as budget administration, contract administration, program planning and policy development, or statistical research.

Aging and Adult Services Specialty

Three (3) years of professional experience in general administrative capacity of which two (2) years (4000 hours) are in the field of gerontology, aging, or services to seniors or disabled adults. This experience must include responsibilities for functions such as information and referral management, case management, social work, policy evaluation and management, program development and administration or contract administration.

Family and Children's Services Specialty

Three (3) years of professional experience as a social service case manager of which two (2) years are in the field of child welfare or in the provision of child welfare-related services. This experience includes responsibilities for functions such as policy evaluation and management, program development and administration, case review and contract administration.

Income Maintenance Programs and Economic Self Sufficiency Programs Specialty

Three (3) years of professional experience of which two (2) years are in the field of social services related to income maintenance or economic self-sufficiency programs. This experience includes responsibilities for functions such as supervising eligibility determination, case management, program development and administration, budget or contract development.

License and Certification:

Some positions require possession of a valid California driver license.


Substitution for Education: Additional qualifying experience as stated under the experience requirement may be substituted for up to two (2) years of the required education on a year-for-year basis (30 semester/45 quarter units equals one year).

Substitution for Experience: Possession of a Master�s degree in social work, business administration, public administration or related field may substitute for one (1) year of the required experience as described above for all specialties.






11/20/00; 05/23/03; 05/18/16; 08/04/23


To accurately reflect the current tasks, knowledge, skills & abilities, and minimum qualifications.



Standard information

Disaster service work

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.

Historic and future compensation

Effective (Sched) Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Jan 06, 2024 (Y) $57.2750 $60.1500 $63.1500 $66.3125 $69.6375
Jul 01, 2023 (X) $56.0125 $58.8250 $61.7625 $64.8500 $68.1000
Jul 01, 2022 (W) $54.6500 $57.3875 $60.2500 $63.2625 $66.4375
Jan 08, 2022 (V) $51.9250 $54.5250 $57.2500 $60.1125 $63.1250
Jul 01, 2021 (U) $51.6625 $54.2500 $56.9625 $59.8125 $62.8125
Dec 26, 2020 (T) $49.9125 $52.4125 $55.0250 $57.7875 $60.6750
Jul 01, 2020 (S) $48.4625 $50.8875 $53.4250 $56.1000 $58.9125

Historic compensation data is provided in hourly pay.

Sources: San Francisco Open Data Portal: Compensation plan table