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3372-Animal Control Officer

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Animal Control Officer

Job classification

TitleAnimal Control Officer
Overtime eligibility Covered (Non-Z)
Labor agreement Teamsters, Local 856, Multi

Current compensation plan

Effective: Jul 01, 2022

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Step: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
Rate /hr: $32.5750 $34.2125 $35.9250 $37.7000 $39.6125 $41.5750
Rate /biweekly: $2,606.00 $2,737.00 $2,874.00 $3,016.00 $3,169.00 $3,326.00
Rate /year: $67,756 $71,162 $74,724 $78,416 $82,394 $86,476

Job description




Job Code: 3372


Under general supervision, responds to requests for Animal Care and Control services and enforces compliance with city and state laws governing the humane care, control, licensing, vaccination and impoundment of animals.


3372 Animal Control Officer is distinguished from 3378 Animal Control Assistant Supervisor in that the latter supervises subordinate staff. It is further distinguished from 3370 Animal Care Attendant in that the latter has primary responsibility for the care and feeding of animals housed at the animal shelter and does not have field enforcement duties.


May be assigned lead worker responsibilities


According to Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the duties specified below are representative of the range of duties assigned to this job code/class and are not intended to be an inclusive list.

1. Conducts routine patrols throughout the city, humanely confining dogs at large and other stray animals and transporting them to the shelter for impoundment; maintains close contact with the shelter and other field staff via radio in conformance with FCC regulations.

2. Responds to requests for emergency rescue services, including injured, sick or stray animals in distress; humanely and safely handles all animals, domestic and wild.

3. Administers basic first aid and transports sick or injured animals for emergency treatment; observes animals for signs of illness or unusual behavior and reports problems to the Animal Care Division and/or Veterinary Medical Services staff; picks up dead animals; euthanizes animals and performs decapitation for rabies testing as required.

4. Processes impounded animals; administers vaccinations; prepares cages/kennels for new animal residents; and participates in the care and feeding of shelter animals.

5. Responds to complaints about the care, treatment and control of animals and other problem situations, including those which involve hostile, irate or distressed members of the public, in a tactful, professional and effective manner; mediates animal issues between neighbors; educates members of the public about laws and regulations on animal care and control.

6. Investigates allegations of animal abuse and neglect; takes immediate action if necessary; gathers evidence and information for further investigation as indicated; documents information; consults with supervisors and/or management staff regarding cases of a complex or unusual nature; works with local law enforcement agencies, including the Offices of the City Attorney and the District Attorney, for the prosecution of responsible parties and resolution of animal-related issues; may provide testimony on investigations and findings.

7. Issues warnings and citations and/or takes appropriate action when violations of animal care and control laws are observed; incumbents have powers of arrest and participate in executing arrest and search warrants.

8. Provides information on laws and regulations governing the treatment, licensing, care and control of animals to the public in the field; participates in outreach services; educates the public about animal issues and responsible pet ownership and promotes a humane and caring attitude towards animals.

9. Maintains assigned vehicles, work areas and other equipment in good order and in a safe and sanitary condition.

10. Produces and maintains accurate and legible case files, work records and forms, and reports, including accounts of investigative findings and other information; uses a computer to access, input and retrieve work-related information, maintain case files and records and produce written reports.

11. Answers the telephone and performs radio dispatch duties.


Knowledge of: safe and effective handling, restraint and confinement of animals; characteristics of different species and breeds of animals; state and local laws and ordinances pertaining to the proper care and control of animals; basic principles and techniques of law enforcement and provisions relating to due process, search and seizure, gathering, documenting and presenting of evidence.

Ability and Skill to: interpret rules, policies, laws and regulations related to the humane care, control, licensing, impounding and disposal of animals; handle domestic animals and wildlife, identify symptoms and diseases, administer animal first aid, vaccinations and euthanasia; use a computer system; use radio equipment according to FCC regulations; effectively prioritize, complete tasks and assignments with minimal oversight; assess situations, make appropriate and rapid decisions, deal courteously, fairly and effectively with others,; remain calm and impartial in confrontational situations; establish and maintain effective and professional working relationships; communicate clearly, concisely and effectively; elicit information orally and in writing; resolve problems and complaints, conduct investigations safely operate a motor vehicle and equipment bend, stoop, stretch, crawl, climb and run short distances; work in narrow, confined or elevated spaces; lift, carry and restrain moving animals, objects and equipment weighting up to 50 lbs.


These minimum qualifications establish the education, training, experience, special skills and/or license(s) which are required for employment in the classification. Please note, additional qualifications (i.e., special conditions) may apply to a particular position and will be stated on the exam/job announcement.



One (1) year of animal handling experience involving public contact or customer service at a facility that cares for and houses animals (e.g., animal shelter, kennel, veterinary hospital, boarding or pet day care facility, pet store, park, zoo, museum or university setting).

License and Certification:

Possession of a valid California driver license.

Successful completion of the Penal Code 832 course, state-mandated euthanasia training and Animal Control Officer Academy within the probationary period.


Six (6) months of experience in the interpretation and enforcement of laws or codes, which included issuing warnings and citations or executing arrests, may substitute for six (6) months of the required experience.

Completion of coursework in animal husbandry, veterinary science or related program at an accredited college or university may substitute for up to six (6) months of the required experience (30 semester / 45 quarter units equals one (1) year).


Nature of work requires: frequent exposure to areas with hazards and other unpleasant elements; lifting and carrying heavy equipment or animals; bending, stooping, stretching, crawling, running short distances, climbing and working in narrow or elevated spaces; safely transporting animals in departmental vans.


To: 3378 Animal Control Assistant Supervisor


AMENDED DATE: 8/26/13; 07/27/18

REASON FOR AMENDMENT To accurately reflect the current tasks, knowledge, skills & abilities, and minimum qualifications.


Standard information

Disaster service work

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.

Historic and future compensation

Effective (Sched) Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
Jul 01, 2022 (W) $32.5750 $34.2125 $35.9250 $37.7000 $39.6125 $41.5750
Jan 08, 2022 (V) $30.9500 $32.5000 $34.1375 $35.8250 $37.6375 $39.5000
Jul 01, 2021 (U) $30.8000 $32.3375 $33.9625 $35.6500 $37.4500 $39.3000
Dec 26, 2020 (T) $29.7500 $31.2375 $32.8125 $34.4375 $36.1750 $37.9625
Jul 01, 2020 (S) $28.8875 $30.3250 $31.8625 $33.4375 $35.1250 $36.8625

Historic compensation data is provided in hourly pay.

Sources: San Francisco Open Data Portal: Classification descriptions table, Compensation plan table