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7252-Chief Stationary Engineer, Sewage Plant

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Chief Stationary Engineer, Sewage Plant

Job classification

TitleChief Stationary Engineer, Sewage Plant
Overtime eligibility Covered (Non-Z) - Nonexempt
Labor agreement Stationary Engineers, Local 39
Effective dateAugust 17, 2012

Current compensation plan

Effective: Jan 06, 2024

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Step: Step 1
Rate /hr: $78.9750
Rate /biweekly: $6,318.00
Rate /year: $164,268

Job description






Under general direction, the Chief Stationary Engineer, Sewage Plant is responsible for supervising the activities of subordinate personnel engaged in the operation, maintenance and repair of all mechanical and electrical machinery and equipment in a Sewage Treatment Plant; participates in plant operational planning; and performs related duties as required. This position requires the responsibility for: interpreting, enforcing and carrying out existing plant operation methods and processes; assisting in developing new plant operation procedures; making regular contacts with subordinate personnel and management relative to plant operation methods and procedures; reviewing and summarizing operation logs and preparing related reports. Nature of work requires intermittent exposure to raw sewage in connection with plant operation and maintenance responsibility. Incumbent may be required to work rotating shifts.

Distinguishing Features:

Job code 7252 is a second-level supervisory position in an assigned area of a sewage treatment plant and/or pumping stations. This job code is distinguished from job code 5130 Sewage Treatment Plant Superintendent in that the latter directs the operational activities of multi-faceted sewage treatment facilities. It is further distinguished from job code 7373 Senior Stationary Engineer, Sewage Plant in that the latter is a first-level supervisory position in an assigned area of a sewage treatment plant.

Supervision Exercised:

Supervises special research projects and directs the work of an entire unit in a division of a sewage treatment plant.

Example of Important and Essential Duties:

According to Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the duties specified below are representative of the range of duties assigned to this job code and are not intended to be an inclusive list.

1. Supervises the operation and maintenance of all machinery, equipment and systems in a sewage treatment plant and pumping stations.

2. Develops, directs and reviews maintenance programs of all plant machinery and equipment.

3. Instructs and supervises subordinate personnel in the safe operation of all sewage treatment plant and pump station machinery, equipment and systems.

4. Supervises research, experimentation and/or analysis.

5. Functions as Acting Superintendent as needed.

6. Prepares work schedules for subordinate personnel.

7. Assists superiors in preparing annual budget and five-year plan.

8. Requisitions materials, supplies, parts and labor necessary for maintenance and operation activities.

9. Prepares written performance specifications and estimates for equipment, supplies, chemicals and/or for the installation and repair of machinery and equipment.

10. Requests, coordinates and inspects major maintenance and repair activities.

11. Prepares plant operating reports and records such as performance evaluations of immediate subordinate personnel, memos, time-sheets, monthly cost reports, plant status reports and official letters.



12. Reviews plant operating reports, records, logs sheets and performance evaluations prepared by subordinate stationary engineers.

13. Develops abilities of subordinates by making available vocational literature and coursework.

14. Communicates with other departmental personnel, outside organizations, the press, and the general public in connection with complaints, plant maintenance and operational activities by telephone, written letters and field visits.

Job Related and Essential Qualifications:

Knowledge of:

Requires comprehensive knowledge of the machinery, equipment and operation of a large sewage treatment plant; the chemical processes and operational maintenance problems of a sewage plant.

Ability to:

Plan, assign, advise and inspect the work of subordinate operating personnel; maintain records and prepare operating reports; deal effectively and courteously with departmental personnel


Requires skill in the use of hand tools as needed in the maintenance and repair of equipment.

Experience and Training Guidelines:

1. Six (6) years of verified journey level experience in the operation, maintenance and repair

of a wide variety of mechanical and electrical machinery and equipment in a wastewater treatment plant of which two (2) years must have been in a supervisory capacity; AND

2. Possession of a current Grade IV or higher, Wastewater Treatment Certificate issued by the

State of California.


Applicants who do not possess a Grade IV Wastewater Treatment Certificate but do possess a Grade IV Mechanical Technologist Certificate issued by the California Water Environment Association would qualify for positions located at the maintenance section at the Public Utilities Commission only.

License/ Certificate:

Must possess a valid driver's license.

Effective Date: April 7, 1975

Amended date: February 2, 2001

Reason for Amendment:

To accurately reflect the experience and training guidelines as defined in the most recent job analysis conducted for this job code.

Standard information

Disaster service work

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.

Historic and future compensation

Effective (Sched) Step 1
Jan 06, 2024 (Y) $78.9750
Jul 01, 2023 (X) $77.2375
Jul 01, 2022 (W) $75.3500
Jan 08, 2022 (V) $71.5875
Jul 01, 2021 (U) $71.2375
Dec 26, 2020 (T) $68.8125
Jul 01, 2020 (S) $66.8125

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Sources: San Francisco Open Data Portal: Compensation plan table