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Integrated HR Ecosystem

What is the Integrated HR Ecosystem?

The City and County of San Francisco has developed a sophisticated and state-of-the-art HR technology (People Applications) platform to support the complex hiring processes that the City utilizes to ensure that all of our hires are fair, and merit-based. The platform consists of multiple applications, rather than one single system, allowing us to better customize each application and adapt to the City's changing needs over time.

This section is meant to give you a broad overview of the applications and integrations that make up the Integrated HR Ecosystem. Additionally, in the name of transparency, we want to ensure that you understand how your application data is moving between our systems, and how it is stored. The City takes your privacy and our governing data and records laws seriously, and the first step is to be transparent about your data.


The City entered into a contract with SmartRecruiters to provide a Cloud-Based Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is the application that City Analysts use to post job and exam advertisements, collect applications, review qualifications, and to process various assessment steps in the hiring process. SmartRecruiters is also likely how you applied for a role with the City, if you have done so.

SF » AssessCloud

San Francisco's Digital HR team has started work on an integrated suite of assessment tools. If you apply for a permanent civil service (PCS) position, you may start to see these tools in action. We are currently working directly with two third-party vendors to provide these assessments: Vervoe and FastTest. The candidate experience will be seamless, allowing you to click a personalized link in an email and go straight to your test.