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Post-Referral Selection


The San Francisco Civil Service Rules establish an examination process for ensuring that every applicant for a PCS Position is given a fair opportunity, and that jobs are offered based on a candidate's merit. The City accomplishes this goal through conducting Civil Service Exams. While some exams do fit the initial idea of sitting down with a pencil and a bubblesheet, not every position or exam does, some utilize oral interviews, essay questions, or a complex scoring of your training and experience. In any case, the result is the same, everyone who applies and is qualified will be given a score, if you pass, your name will be places on an eligible list, and you may be referred to the hiring department for further consideration, and possible to be hired.

Certification Rules

The Certification Rule defines how many ranks on the eligible list that a hiring department is allowed to consider. This number is fluid, based on the number of open positions that are utilizing that particular list. The rule is described below:

Rule + Number of Positions - 1 = The Number of considerable ranks

Here is a quick example: If an eligible list is Rule of 3, and there are two positions utilizing the list, the number of ranks that are available for consideration is:

3 + 2 - 1 = 4 Available Ranks

Some common certification rules include:

  • Rule of 3 (Most Common)
  • Rule of 7
  • Rule of 10

Rule of the List

There are some particular job classifications that allow for a special certification rule known as "Rule of the List". This means that all ranks are available for consideration, no matter how many positions are using the list.