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3302-Admission Attendant

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Admission Attendant

Job classification

TitleAdmission Attendant
Overtime eligibility Covered (Non-Z)
Labor agreement SEIU, Local 1021, Misc

Current compensation plan

Effective: Jul 01, 2022

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Step: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Rate /hr: $25.0500 $26.3000 $27.5750 $28.9750 $30.4125
Rate /biweekly: $2,004.00 $2,104.00 $2,206.00 $2,318.00 $2,433.00
Rate /year: $52,104 $54,704 $57,356 $60,268 $63,258

Job description




Business Unit: COMMN

Definition: Under immediate supervision in Fine Arts Museums, Asian Art Museum and Recreation and Park Commission facilities, employees in this class sell tickets, admit patrons to the facilities and perform other duties as required. The essential functions include: selling, distributing and/or collecting tickets, passes, membership, audio tour and other products; operating a cash register or a computerized system to register sales transactions; setting up money trays to make change for patrons; preparing deposits to bank monies; providing customer service and information to patrons and staff; assisting with crowd control, counting visitors and verifying admission receipts; assisting in the issuance of will call tickets; greeting and meeting groups and school tours; assisting with coat check and information area; maintaining inventory of admission tickets, audio sets and other products; and checking and ensuring automated systems are functioning properly by cleaning, dusting, replacing and/or changing receipt tapes, ticket rolls, and ink cartridges.

Distinguishing Features: The 3302 Admission Attendant is distinguished from the Cashier series (classes 4320, 4321 and 4322) in that positions in the 3302 class receive payments for selling admission tickets, membership and other products to the general public and the latter has responsibility for processing large volume of payments from a wide variety of sources for services rendered or fees charged by City departments.

Supervision Exercised: None

Examples of Important and Essential Duties:

According to Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the duties specified below are representative of the range of duties assigned to this job code (class) and are not intended to be an inclusive list.

1. Sells, distributes and/or collects tickets, passes, membership, audio tour and other products by personally receiving various types of payment from patrons of Park & Recreation and museum facilities. Operates a cash register or a computerized system to register sale transactions.

2. Sets up money trays by obtaining sufficient amounts of different denominations of dollars and coins in order to make change for Park & Recreation and Museum patrons.

3. Prepares deposits by summarizing all receipts on a daily basis and preparing forms such as cash reconciliation sheet and deposit slip in order to bank monies at the end of a shift.

4. Provides excellent customer service and information; responds to patrons' requests for directions and information about facilities & fees and other questions to aid patrons in their use and enjoyment of facilities and actively promote sale of membership, audio tour, and products sold by the organizations.

5. Assists with crowd control, counts visitors and verifies admission receipts; assists in the issuance of will call tickets, greets and meets groups and school tours; and assists with coat check and information area.

6. Maintains inventory of admission tickets tickets, audio sets and other products by tracking and

maintaining appropriate level of inventory.

7. Checks and ensures automated systems are functioning properly by cleaning, dusting, replacing

and /or changing receipt tapes, ticket rolls, and ink cartridges. Contacts outside vendors for any

repair if needed.


Ability to: perform basic arithmetic; establish and maintain effective working relationships and assist customers in a polite and courteous manner; speak clearly, tactfully, and effectively; and operate computerized systems.

Experience and Training Guidelines:

One (1) year (2000 hours) verifiable experience as an admission attendant, cashier or comparable position which requires assisting customers and handling cash on a daily basis.

Effective Date: 09/07/76

Amended Date: 12/06/02

Amended Date: 04/12/07

Amended Date: 05/18/07

Reason for Amendment: to amend title and accurately reflect the current tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities defined in the most recent job analysis conducted for this job code.

Standard information

Disaster service work

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.

Historic and future compensation

Effective (Sched) Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Jul 01, 2022 (W) $25.0500 $26.3000 $27.5750 $28.9750 $30.4125
Jan 08, 2022 (V) $23.8000 $24.9875 $26.2000 $27.5250 $28.9000
Jul 01, 2021 (U) $23.6875 $24.8625 $26.0750 $27.3875 $28.7500
Dec 26, 2020 (T) $22.8875 $24.0125 $25.1875 $26.4625 $27.7750
Jul 01, 2020 (S) $22.2250 $23.3125 $24.4500 $25.6875 $26.9625

Historic compensation data is provided in hourly pay.

Sources: San Francisco Open Data Portal: Classification descriptions table, Compensation plan table