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Common application issues

That was frustrating

We know how much effort you have put into submitting your application just to be met with a hiccup. Use this guide to help solve some common application issues on your own.

If you can't seem to solve it, please contact us for more assistance. Please remember it may take some time to solve, so please reach out early so you don't miss an important application deadline.

Uploading my resumé

Avoid special characters

Our application doesn't support many special characters, such as semi-colons (;) and braces ({}). If you get an error while uploading or submitting your applicant profile, check for special characters and try to re-submit.

Preliminary questions

Don't get a timeout

There is a one-hour system timeout that helps to keep candidate data safe and secure. We try to keep our applications short so that you won't run out of time. Using an easily parsed resumé can help save you time by pre-filling information like your work and education history.

Watch the length

There is a limit to how much you can submit with your answers to preliminary questions. When answering free-text questions try to keep your answers brief. This will also make it easier for the analysts reading your answers to quickly understand your thoughts and experiences.